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Massage Therapy and Chronic Pain

Imagine living with chronic pain. Every day you wake up—after a night where you might not have gotten very much sleep—knowing that your day will involve pain, most often in several areas of your body. Then, add in the depression and anxiety that often accompanies having to deal with chronic pain and what you have is this: a peek at what it’s like for someone who suffers from fibromyalgia or chronic myofascial pain syndrome (CMPS). continue reading

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Pregnancy Massage

The more we start to understand about the benefits of massage therapy, the more opportunity opens up for massage therapy professionals—in a wide variety of environments. When thinking about where you’d like to practice, having as much information about the options available can help you choose a work environment, or environments, that fit both your personal and professional goals. In the following, you’ll find information ranging from what you can expect when working with pregnant women to the demands of working with women in labor to how you can market maternity massage. In this snapshot, you’ll get an inside look at working with this demographic so you can make informed decisions about where you want to take your massage therapy career. continue reading

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Autism – Nurturing Touch

Massage therapy helps calm & center children on the autism spectrum
Ruth Elaine Hane was a difficult child. Now a 67-year old grandmother in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she didn’t talk until she was nearly five. She banged her head when she didn’t get her way. She shied away from social gatherings, instead doing her own thing, often recklessly. continue reading